About us

Who we are


Naomi Dead Sea Cosmetics manufactures beauty products tailored to meet your needs. We believe that high quality Dead Sea cosmetics should be affordable to everyone. Your body, your hair, your face and skin deserve the best and it does not have to come with an exuberant price tag.

By focusing on your beauty, comfort, personal care regimen and budget, we developed a unique manufacturing and distribution process. Our method uses top quality Dead Sea ingredients to create skin care products so effective, they require application of minimal quantities and therefore last longer.

These excellent, powerful beauty products are brought to you at an affordable price thanks to our branding and business practices. Naomi Dead Sea Cosmetics utilizes low cost marketing networks and reduced overhead manufacturing costs. The result of our exceptional practices is that your body too can now enjoy the best of the Dead Sea minerals without being charged extra for brand names and inflated merchandising systems.

Naomi Dead Sea Cosmetics carries three product lines: Naomi Dead Sea Cosmetics, Naomi Beauty Booster and Voyage Natural Soap.  These lines have four types of products that answer all your personal care cosmetics needs: face, hair, body and skin.

Naomi Dead Sea Cosmetics team includes chemists, dermatologists and quality assurance specialists. We test our products in an advanced dermatology lab and we do not test on animals. Naomi Dead Sea Cosmetics manufactures in Israel, next to the Dead Sea, using cutting edge techniques in the most advanced production facilities. All our products are licensed by the Israeli Ministry of Health and are compliant with ISO 9002 standards. We are the only Israeli cosmetics manufacturer making 2 in 1 Dead Sea beauty products, our famous Naomi Beauty Booster line.

We are proud at our professional achievements - providing every women with a cost effective, high quality Beauty Booster - and we want you to enjoy them too.


what we offer


Highly effective facial care: uniquely designed potent skin care formulas and treatment methods that produce magnificent results right away


Potency and quality: our products are so incredibly potent and powerful, you only need to apply minimal amount to see the results


Attractive pricing: with our reduced overhead and marketing costs we bring you top-quality skin care products at extremely affordable and competitive prices


Two-in-one Ultimate Complex Treatment: two-stage, self-applied, professional-grade facial mask and adaptive serum combination you can carry around in your bag


Six sets of Beauty Booster products: each complex treatment set is designed to answer a different type of skin maintenance requirement


Body SPA: minerals-rich Dead Sea black mud, soaps, creams and gel to clean, revitalize, nourish and relax you skin


Hair care: Dead Sea black mud and minerals based shampoo products


Skin care: lotions and creams to rejuvenate and soften your skin using natural herbal extracts and oils with anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties

Our skills

Naomi Dead Sea Cosmetics specializes in producing high quality, professional grade beauty products, tailored to meet your skin needs.


We excel in bringing the best ingredients together in unique formulas to create new methods of self-applied facial skin treatments and nourishment.


Our research and development process begins with you, our client. We made it our obligation to investigate in detail various facial skin conditions you are concerned with, and provide improved, original creams, masks and serums to treat them.


Our special products work wonders:


  • Anti-aging treatment
  • Two-in-one facial masks
  • Eye lift
  • Dark circle removal
  • Anti-wrinkle treatment
  • Skin pores cleaning
  • Moisturize, revitalize and nourish your skin


Naomi Dead Sea Cosmetics expertise is to bring you excellent beauty products in affordable prices. We developed a unique marketing and distribution system that makes our high value products available to our clients at reasonable prices. You don’t need to pay preposterous amounts for effective facial skin treatments anymore.


Our skills are focused on your comfort, your beauty and the ways we can make your skin look and feel better, radiant, glowing, healthy, supple and soft.