Naomi Beauty Booster

Naomi Dead Sea Cosmetics offers a unique facial skin treatment product line: Naomi Beauty Booster. These Ultimate Complex Treatment products are not the usual facial masks sold by other cosmetics companies. Our Beauty Booster line products are in fact professional-grade facial skin treatments designed to treat your specific facial skin concerns and for self application. This product line reflects our clients’ real world needs, as part of our commitment to bring all women affordable, professional, high quality cosmetics.


Rich with concentrated Dead Sea minerals, antioxidants, plant extracts and vitamins, Naomi Beauty Booster products require application of minimal amounts for effective results to show. Only by combining treatment methods - facial mask followed by application of specially designed serums - you get the potent, real and effective result. This professional treatment can be carried around in your bag, and applied anywhere at your comfort.

Dark Circle Naomi Beauty Booster    Lightening Naomi Beauty Booster

Each of the 6 synergetic products in this line is uniquely designed by our expert dermatologists to treat a particular aspect of your skin’s health and beauty. From cleaning and opening skin pores, to reducing dark circles and clearing pigmentation issues, through lifting, anti-wrinkle and gentle peeling - Naomi Beauty Booster products offer effective treatments for each of these conditions.

Face Lifting - Anto Wrinkle Pearl Naomi Beauty Booster

The products contain enough material for 2-3 comfortable applications, and can be shared with a friend. The results are amazing. You will feel your skin reacting positively to the treatment within minutes, as the skin radiates with a healthy, clean glow and feels smooth and soft. Nourishing facial skin, strengthening muscle, improving metabolism and producing collagen, are some of the combined effects achieved with Naomi Beauty Booster products.

Sauna Naomi Beauty Booster  Peel Off Naomi Beauty Booster

Visit our Naomi Beauty Booster page to learn more about the specifics and benefits of each product and select the one to answer best your beauty needs. Naomi Dead Sea Cosmetics invested great efforts and thought in developing a product line to serve your unique skin. Your beauty and your skin deserve the benefits they provide. Nourish your skin with Naomi Beauty Booster products - you would love the way your skin feels and looks.


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